marchitects is an architectural studio, established in 2008 by Petar Minev and Ognyana Vatkova, based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Portfolio of the studio includes work in the fields of architecture, interior and product design. We work in close collaboration with third party suppliers, established professional practices from various fields - manufacturers, contractors, artists, graphic designers to deliver both private and commercial clients high end product with personal identity and outstanding results.


marchitects is a studio of young architects with proven experience in designing residential buildings, public and industrial projects. Since its inception in 2008, the studio has been focused on the design and interior design for both private and commercial clients, in different types of private and public spaces – retail stores, apartment renovations, loft conversions, houses.

marchitects’ main purpose is developing a quality architectural environment.
We believe that high-profile design is both stylish, functional and flexible. Quality architecture and design are not ends in itself. These are highly specific to the job, have a clear purpose, personality and attitude towards the environment in which to develop. We are focused on developing a close relationship with each client. The core rules of our work is careful consideration of all requirements, problems and solutions in great detail, followed by constant supervision and control over the implementation work.